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Winter Checklist For Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Owners

Winter is now upon us. The winter season can be brutal and take a toll on commercial buildings. This means you must prepare your property for freezing temperatures and inclement weather.

Is your commercial property ready for the winter season? Here’s a winter maintenance checklist for you to prepare. If you don’t have time for this or don’t know where to start, call Hainline REA to get your building ready for winter and many seasons beyond.

Winter Maintenance Checklist For Your Commercial Property in 7 Steps

The following checklist are common winter threats for commercial real estate owners. Use it as a guideline for you and your management team to ensure your property is winter ready.

1. Snow Removal Supplies

  • Ensure You Have Snow Removal Supplies to Last Until Early Spring

  • Inspect Your Equipment For Low Fluid or Old/Damaged Parts

2. Snow Removal & Cleaning Contracts

  • Considering Hiring Snow Removal & Cleaning services

  • Visit Sites Like Angie’s List or Google For Contractors Near You

  • Check Your Existing Landscaper For Snow Removal

Here’s what you should know about snow removal contracts.

3. Ensure Building is Customer-Ready For Winter

  • Remove Snow From Entrances, Hallways, and Walkways

  • Invest in Quality Floor Mats & Slip Resistant Flooring

  • Assess All Exterior Lighting. Make Sure Property is Well Lit

4. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Replace Air Filters Routinely

  • Clean Air Vents & Watch Air Flow

  • Calibrate Thermostats

  • Check for Abnormal Sounds and Odors

  • Check for Cracks and Inefficiencies

  • Check for Cracks in Building Structure

  • Inspect Blowers & Hoses for Blockages

5. Plumbing

  • Ensure Heat Stays Above 45-55 Degrees

  • Check Exposed & Interior Pipes for Signs of Freezing

  • Insulate and Seal Cracks and Openings Around Exposed Pipes

  • Inspect for Signs of Excessive Moisture

6. Roofing

  • Clean the Roof of High-Piling Snow

  • Inspect the Roof for Loose Shingles & Damage Caused by Ice/High Winds

  • Keep Gutters Clear to Reduce Ice Buildup

7. Prevent Power Outages

  • Inspect Condition of Trees & Power Lines

  • Invest in Backup Generators and Proper Machine Shutdown Procedures for Blackouts

  • Encourage Tenants to Backup Data Off-line or on Cloud Software

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