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Warranty Review


Green Hill Apartment Building

Built in 2020

Lynnwood, WA

96,400 sf, six stories 

Hainline performed an on-site visual, non-invasive 11-month warranty review of the Green Hill Apartment building located at 16300 Meadow Road Lynnwood, WA  98067. The purpose of this review was to report on potential issues rightfully covered under the contractors’ one-year warranty.

Hainline conducted its warranty review by area. 


The following five areas were selected:

  1. Site

  2. Building Exterior

  3. Parking Garage

  4. Interior Common Spaces

  5. Unoccupied Residential Units

In addition to the warranty items, Hainline also provides observations for the Owner’s and Architect’s consideration.  These items do not necessarily fall under the category of warranty and are therefore presented independent of the warranty issues list. A detailed listing of observations with photos was provided to the Owner by Hainline. 

Overall, Hainline would characterize the building as in good condition.  Many of the warranty issues noted can easily be addressed by the Contractor or their subcontractors in a timely manner.  Other items, such as asphalt repairs in the parking lot will require more effort and some potential disruption to the residents.

Pao Ly
Greater Residence, LLC
Wattenbarger Architecture
Kirtly-Cole Associates LLC

If your multi-family building is coming up on its one-year warranty check, or if you would like a commercial property condition assessment of a property, Hainline can help. Our certified inspectors and construction experts will provide an actionable report and can even help in negotiations with your contractor.

Call (206) 485-7042 or email to get started!

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